Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25
Oh Please--just lemme ramble

So you remember Miss Texas ? Not the "official" Miss Texas, the big haired blonde from school that has 4 kids. Four kids that she is always more than willing to pawn off on anyone who's dumb enough to look her way. Trust me I know.

Well, about a month ago a rumor at the school was running rampant that she was pregnant. Sooooo....I called her and just asked her straight out.

I mean if rumors are going around then let's just get to the bottom of it, it's no fun when you talk shit on people and it ends up being not true. Unless of course you're Star magazine, then it's all good. That and if there are rumors about me then someone should grow some balls and quit shit talking and just ask if whatever it is happens to be true or not.

She told me that she didn't know for sure and didn't care to find out because, and I quote " I don't really want to be because I have the kids all the time, and my husband won't babysit them for any period of time." Dude it's not babysitting if it's your own kid but whatever.

She says that she won't take a home pregnancy test because she is breastfeeding and it will make an HPT come up positive, according to her doctor, who is obviously on crack because that is not true. So she's just pretty much not sure if she's pregnant or not. Because we all know that if you don't see a plus sign then it isn't a reality ! Duh !

Oh damn I forgot to tell you that she filed and paid for a divorce from this guy only 4 months ago, then dropped it. She said she wanted to prove her point to him that she was serious. Right.

So serious that she is willing to have sex with no protection and risk getting pregnant with a baby she doesn't want because God forbid she have to take care of it . Argh.

Now that I have rambled in a complete circle and made no sense, yes she is pregnant....sorry I'm tired and my storytelling skills are out.

Why am I tired you ask ? I'll tell ya !

Wednesday at around noon I decided to paint the kitchen, paint and add crown molding and cabinet molding, and paint all of that too. Can I just say right now that has kicked my ass for 2 and a half days .

Hubs "helped" yesterday, which means ? It means he bitched and moaned about it all. He cursed the saw because it is the reason he can't cut a straight line. He hollered about the crown molding because it was bowed and wouldn't go on straight.

We went from old crusty white cabinets, a plain bullnose ( the little wall above your cabinets) and a weird tan like color on the walls toooooooo....chocolate brown walls, beautimous antique white molding, cabinets and trim. Oh ! And ! I bought these cool plaque things like a year and a half ago, two yellow, two green, and these mirror They have been in the basement storage for that long and finally I used them ! We were gonna do the whole replace it all thing, but considering all the trim that we used for trim and molding was left here by the previous owners and the paint I wanted was in the markdown bin for 5 bucks at Lowe's...we did this instead ! (Don't mind the celing fan in the pics it's going to the ceiling fan graveyard next week).

Now...see that lamp in the corner in pic 3 ? I bought two of them. I was browsing at Lowe's and came across those, originally 74.78 marked down to.........3.60...I swear to Hades !

Oh and I don't have a pic yet, but I got an oak floor lamp with a small reading lamp and brushed nickle lamp surround originally 88.00 for 3.75 ! I'm gonna just say ..Dale my new BFF at Lowe's in the lighting department, is like....totally...awesome. Because the oak lamp was supposed to be a whole 4.80, and since it was a floor modle and the last one he wasn't supposed to sell it but he did and gave me another dollar off. Thanks Dale... !

The dining room has the red sheer and the lamp...that sheer and ugly curtain rod, and the nasty shades will be headed to heaven along with the ceiling fan next week.

I wish I had some "before pics"...and I'm sure I do somewhere, but somewhere is not right here in front of me right now, and I'm lazy.

I know that tomorrow I'm going to read this and compare it to a drunk blog, but I'm not drunk, just very tired, because I had to like take care of my kids. Who knew that having them meant you had to do that whole care and provide for them thing too !?!?


Truck Driver Wife said...

Like the new digs. Wish my hubby would let me get bold with the colors. Very nice.

Just A Girl said...

I love that wall color!