Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29
Sha Right !

Hey, guess who fit into a pair of jeans that hasn't fit since before MiMi ?!?! Really dammit...guess ! Hubs ! Damn he had a fat ass. *Snort* Sometimes when it's so not funny, still I laugh.

So yeah ..the real answer is me ! W00T !!

Uhm they were a teensy (alot) bit tight, but my rule is...they zip, they stay. My poor jeans spent all day stretched across an ass that fought them the whole way. Sorry jeans, way to take one for the team, and good to have ya back.

I think my hubs possibly rigged them to stretch out over the past few days though, I've been told my non stop bitching gets annoying. Pfftt....whatev.

The girls and I and Mel and her two kids spent the better part of yesterday out climbing, hiking, feeding fish, and digging for fossils at Schramm Park.

Oh ! Guess who got a ticket for no park permit ? Haha...I think I'm hooked on that guessing thing sorry.

Start over, Mel and I both got "paper ticket courtesy warnings" for not having a park permit. How does one acquire such a permit you ask ? Ah, well you have to look very hard for a tiny brown box hiding in the honeysuckles bushes, that looks like a duck feeder, you take a ticket out write your name on it, and stick 4 dollars inside the box. There's not a person at a gate waiting for you to pay, there's no where else that says..."pay here". I mean, we've been to plenty of parks like this and all of them have a place to pay at, not a box to pay in. So out of the dozens of times we've been there, now I know I have to shove four bucks in a box, or shove 4 bucks in the park rangers ass. I suppose we'll see how it goes.

I got JayDawg a harness today. We've tried all collars and nothing holds him back. Nothing. And, the gentle leader, I dunno if you remember but he sorta kick my ass all over the back yard when I tried to get that on him.

Anyway, he looks a little bit S&M-ish with this black harness on, it has silver rings, and one is right in the middle of his chest.

But, he let me put it on him thank you ! I was a tad bit nervous and having some bad flashbacks of the gentle leader episode, so I went slow and we did it !

Never in my life did I think that I'd do a celebration dance after dressing my dog up like he's on his way to the S&M "Gag Ball" Oh damn there I go again being funny.


Just A Girl said...

Sophie had one of the harness things, I made fun of her for days, until she chewed through it. She has now broke 4 nylon collars, 2 choke ring collars, 1 hrness, and 6 steel rod tie outs.

I think she needs a new home...I'm just saying.

Just A Girl said...
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Sean Weide said...


Hey, I can comment on your blog, huh?