Monday, May 21, 2007

May 19
So uhm....
Normally I glance at my stats page, and see the usual crazy shit. "Granny fucking" I know I never wrote that but--whatever it seems like a common thing to get searched for. I giggle a bit and move on.

But today?

People. Have. Fucking. Issues.

Search Phrases in the past 48 hours :

"I sucked ants out of my pussy." Look, if you have to google that shit you are a fucking idiot. Get off your ant infested ass and go to the doctor for gawd sakes ! Wait....I have a question did you suck them out ?

"Mom who like to ass fuck Omaha"...I dunno how that got you here, but lemme tell ya, keep on trucking because none of that shit is happening.

"Hot Moms in Nebraska " Oh wait that ones right. Thanks for stopping by...see ya next time. Mwuah.

"Little girls in bikinis"...I SWEAR to GOD if I find out who you are and where you are, I will find you and stick your dick in that bitch whose pussy has an ant hill in it.

Ok now I feel naughty, I said the "p" word like 3 times in this entry.

Need to go wash my mouth out with soap. K, bye.

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