Monday, May 21, 2007

May 15
Okey Dokey has been a long weekend I tell ya.

Saturday............... Krissy came over and her and I went to get a mani/ for Mothers Day, and she got it so she'd have cute toes for surgery Monday morning !

On our way home we stopped at the DQ to get a couple of MooLattes, since chocolate and anything else more than a medicine cup of liquids will be out of her diet for the next 6 months.

Sitting in line waiting for our frozen treats her car started to overheat. We got our stuff and left to come back to the house, the car was overheating at a rapid pace.

(Just a little FYI if your car ever overheats and you have to drive it to a safe place...turn your heat on and turn it to " recirculate" helps pull the heat away from the engine, yes it really works.)

Well Krissy gets the bright idea that we should pull off into a parking lot to " check things under the hood" of her car. Like. Why ? I mean if we did see something what the hell were we gonna do about it ? Not only that we were only 4 blocks from my house. right, so anyway, we pull off into an empty lot and pop the hood. Krissy does her best " I'm a chick that's fixin' on a car with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth pose"...and I snap a pic. Which does nothing to fix the car but sends us into a fit of laughter.

I tell her to watch the coolant container and I'll shake the car to see if we can tell how much if any coolant is in there.

Here I am grabbing and shaking the car back and forth vigorously as Krissy has her face next to the coolant....then I said " I hope no one sees us and thinks that we think we are fixing the car by doing this."

The hood is up and more than anything we are laughing and joking about pretty much everything by now. She says " Jess what the hell is wrong with my car... ?" And I'm like " I dunno ! "

We decided to head to Mel's house because I knew her hubs had some car fixin' on shit. He filled the coolant back up and she made it home. Sunday Krissy's dad got her car fixed, it was the radiator fan.

Sunday.......started off not so hot. I woke up at 4 with a screaming headache. But it had only been 2 hours since I'd went to bed, so I got up to take something for my head and Jam yells at me from her bathroom. She is throwing up all over the damn place. Then starts to cry because it's Mothers Day and here I am cleaning vomit on Mothers Day. the girl cried forever, I got her calm and into the shower to clean up.

Jay of course was up trying to find out what was going on at such an unGodly hour and decided he'd better go outside. After letting him in I walk through the family room...and get rained on. Like...pouring, heavy rain. In. The. Family. Room.

Long story short, the shower curtain was not in the shower and the water ran behind the loose trim .

We went to Lowe's and got mulch, flowers, and more tomato plants and for the rest of the day we worked outside.

It was a good relaxing and productive Mothers Day, and my headache and Jams tummy both got better throughout the day.


I got up at 4 again....Didda's allergies were making her cough so I got up with her and she dozed back off within 20 minutes. I thought about going back to bed, but I knew if I did I'd never be able to wake up and get myself ready and the girls ready in time for school.

I dropped the girls off at school and drove to Krissy's to meet everyone so that we could all follow each other to the hospital.

At 12:07 p.m. yesterday my best friend was in surgery. She had a gastric bypass. She has wanted this for so long, and needed it for so long too.

With this surgery, the weight loss for vanity's sake is a bonus.

The weight loss for her well being and survival is essential.

At 29 years old she is on blood pressure medication, cholesteral meds, diabetes meds, and thyroid meds.

I hope that later, much later in our years that I can look back and say " that day was the first day of the rest of her long happy life."

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