Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22

Today was the day that Jam got to finally meet her penpal. They'd been writing each other, the " old fashioned way"...that's a direct quote from Jam that means with a frigging pen and paper.

She didn't understand why she would have a penpal that lives only 30 minutes away, and how or why they'd live such different lives.

Heh. Well.

Now I know this may be hard to believe but we have inner city schools here in Omaha. No seriously. Yes, really.

Which happens to be where Jams penpal attends school. *Sigh*

She hops into the truck after school, she says nothing and gives me the "oh hi" smile.

"Soooooooo ? How was it today ? You met her ..and ?"

"And what Mom ?...They are all, like, gangsters or pimps or something. All of them Mom !"

"Whaaaaat ? Gangsters ? Pimps ? You're in 4th grade, that's not possible Jam."

"Mom I know what grade I'm in thank you , and the first thing the boys from that school did was walk up to me and Dora and say : yeah baby you hot, you know you wanna hit this."

*Stop. The. Bus. Bitches.*

What ? Excuuuuuse me ? Aw hell no. Hell no. Oh yeah I want to hit it, and knock that boys teeth down his throat.

Talkin' like that to my baby girl ? No. Uh-uh, now Ima fuck a bitch up.

"Oh really, what was his name ?" What was his last name ?"

"Mom I don't know." *Rolls eyes*

"Ok what is the name of the school ?"

Back. Up. Wait. A. Damn. Minute.

"Jam ? My sweet, intelligent, above average, Yale bound, baby girl ....how do you know what a pimp is ?"

Nevermind, go to your room and think of a plan to make yourself unappealing and unattractive until you are 37.


Just A Girl said...

KK leaves me nice little gems of wisdom throughout the day about pimps, playa's, haterz, and tongue kissing...I'm wondering why in the hell I send her to school if she can just learn everything from MTV.

Lulu said...

Look at you!!! Putting on your big girl panties and moving over to blogger!!!! I'm so proud! ;)