Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12
This weekend was quite uneventful. We shampooed carpets, I worked, we did yard work. Oh I did finally get the hose out and rinse off all the chalk paint monster footprints on the driveway from Halloween. And there you have it. I did get a new keyboard and mouse the other day due to MiMi grabbing a full soda and pouring it on the old ones. These are both wireless, and while they are cool and the keyboard can type even when you take it to the living room (Jam had to check on this)....I hate the keyboard. It's very much like a laptop keyboard, the keys are all flush and weird, and for some reason the "E" key either ignores me completely or tries to compensate the next time I hit it by putting up 3 god damn E's. Ugh. It makes transcription take much longer than it should.

I'm trying to make a list of what to get people for Christmas, not Didda though because after 15 minutes of Nickoloden commercials she has a wish list that amounts to about 5 grand, so her gifts should be easy. She sat up in bed the other night, eyes closed, pointed toward the wall and said "Mom ! I want that for Christmas !"

Let's other news we are trying to decide on a name for the male fetus. Since it is a boy and we used to have a named picked out that is now way overused we are lost. We like a few names, but still, can't decide.

Alrighty well, I am off ! Oh and I don't want to forget to say Happy Veteran's Day, to all of you !

We Love Our Troops, Past, Present and Future !! Thank You !

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