Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14
The Name Game

Well ! Since I have gotten such a response out of that little tidbit of how we are questioning names we might as well get this started and name the boy !

I have almost decided to give him a Chinese name, considering that no matter how much I eat or what time it is I am always hungry an hour later. *Snort*

The "S" thing. No, unlike the girls the boy will not have an "S" name. It wasn't really our plan from the beginning to name them all with that letter, but we happened to like the names and by the time #5 was on her way it seemed almost wrong not to, and oddly enough they fit into the "mold" that their names are.

We did consider an "S" name for him but the few that we liked were all associated with a boy that is a weirdo, or terribly mean, ya just can't name him that knowing those kinds of things go with a name. You're just going to have trust me on that one, mkay ?

So far a few of the names we are considering :





Jackson (which is our original name that we have had for 10 years, very popular now)

Didda's is sure that since it is a boy wee should name him Spongebob, or Diego, and somehow linked the name Coffee with a boy, but unfortunately I don't think we'll be going with any of those.

Oh and if you'd like you can go here to the Social Security Website to see just how popular some of your favorite names are !

So let's hear the names !

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Proto said...

Happy choosin', and I never would have learned about that name site unless you wrote about it.