Friday, November 16, 2007

November 16
This has gotten out of hand I say.

When you cannot wear your very favorite thing in the whole wide world (your KU hoodie), things have gone too far.

Now, when you're pregnant you expect this sort of thing. But, when you can't wear a F*&%^$! pullover hoodie because your boobs are too effin' huge, that's where I draw the line. Mind you, I drew this line 3 times already just to have the line disappear into gargantuan boob world.

I weighed myself today and was shocked, yeah I know my stomach has gotten to the point that I almost shut it in the truck door if I'm not careful, but yet I can still wear all my pants. Hell until last week I was wearing a pair of jeans I bought in June. The boobage is where the problemage is.

Back to the scale thing, after throwing up twice yesterday I gained 9 pounds. How that is possible I can't say. What I can say is that when I woke up my chin had friends hanging out with it. And, I do believe that my boobs have grown so much that there is nowhere to go but up now I have chin tits.

I've resigned myself to that fact that I won't be leaving the house until at least April, I don't know how I can face the world when it's cold outside and my chin starts to get hard nipples.

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