Thursday, November 08, 2007

November 08
Thursday or..."Friday Eve" as AuntieM says

I finally slept really well for 2 hours ! Mind you it was from 5 until 7 a.m. but hey , I am taking what I can get right now. I am in a crazy mind state right now. I mean I literally cannot shut my brain off all fucking night.

" Remember to pay this on this day....Oh I wonder how much is left in the kids lunch account ? ......I think the darker carpet would be better, I hope they still have that remnant at the carpet place.......damn we need carpet pad too.....It's 1:27 I can sleep until 3 when MiMi wakes up.....Damn I forgot call call and pay the insurance, what day did it say is expired ?.......I hope hubs drives careful tomorrow just in case......Did he take the trash out or not ?.....What the hell was that sound, hmmm JayDawg didn't move so it must be nothing, oh wait there it is again....shit what if it's a robber .....wait...what if they are stealing my truck ...dammit my cd's are in there....and the carseats.......guess I'll go peek.'s 2:49 MiMi will wake up in a few so I might as well turn the t.v. back on ......................."

My doctor says I can take something for it but damn I'm not going to do it all the time, this baby will be so sleep drugged up that he'll be asleep until he's 7 if I do.

It's skate party night for the school tonight, so around 7 please bow your head and say a little prayer for me. Or, you can just take a shot of whatever alcohol you're closest to, whatever.

Jam's teacher will be there tonight and I know I haven't filled you all in on that situation. The last time we went to Kansas, her teacher made the remark to her that "you kids at this school just leave for weeks at a time on a whim and it is not acceptable for your education." Then she didn't give us all of her work before we left like we requested and proceeded to make Jam stay in for two recess's and send home notes saying it was not in on time after we got back. Last week after we got back Jam said out loud that her head was killing her and the teacher said " well you cannot go home because you absolutely cannot miss more school."

Hehehe. Really ? She can't ? Wanna bet ? First of all I will be damned if anyone attempts to dictate how many days of school my kids miss. I mean really I apologize about the fact that people in our family get chronically ill or die during the school year and if I could stop it I would, but I can't, so fucking deal. And, if you get off on saying shit like that to a 5th grader then you need to grow some balls and say it to her Momma. Intimidation is your tactic ? On a child ? If you like it so much then you'll love what I have in store for ya !

We've already had one chat about this, and if you tell my kid again that even if she is sick she can't'll wish you would have shut your mouth because you won't be able to shut it right for a while. Oh and then just for shits and giggles I'm gonna smack you with this Algebra for 9th graders you have her doing too. K, thanks, bye.

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Proto said...

Last time I did algebra for ninth graders, my head hurt. I had to start reading the text from the begining to see how they got there. How did I pass that then?