Monday, July 31, 2006

Woopsy !

Yesterday afternoon I was going through my settings on my blog. Was trying to figure out this friends list thing. I don't understand why it's still " coming soon" for some people and the rest of us don't have it yet ! Anywho...the big girls were having some sort of issue downstairs so I stupidly went down there while baby girl was up here unattended.

Don't ask me how, but the little witch changed my shit all around. I had 45 gazillion windows open , and something was beeping at me by the time I got back. In 4.7 seconds she deleted a couple of entries and changed my setting to custom. But I didn't realize it until I got on here today and checked my email.

So apologies for that and blame the kid.

No really it's ok...she was wretched yesterday so I was livid with her , and her sisters pretty much all fucking day.

Yesterday was the official "school shopping" day. We left early and headed to Target.
I was armed with the supply lists and a sharpie. We were getting things checked off like baby girl stood next to me . I was actually quite proud of her. She was being quiet and all that shit she's supposed to be. I should of known .

So we head to the toy dept. where lo and behold they had 75% off toys. Ok I know I was school shopping but this bitch is having a baby around Christmas so I had to buy some of it.

And, c'mon whoever walks away from 75% off of something that you intend on buying anyway is just crazy.

That is when baby girl started being a wretched little brat. Which annoyed me somewhat, but I could handle it.

And I was really ok until some bitch started to invade my space.

First rule of getting the good shit in the 75% off aisle : Block out and Post up.

Really it's necessary .

So space invader bitch was trying to reach around hell no . Hell no bitch.

You would think that a person would get the clue that she's in my space when I cleared my throat a couple of times , nope.
Alright fine....this is war.

Second rule : If you have cart, and a screaming kid...park them in front of the shit you want to look at next...not what you're looking at now...but just go ahead and block the whole damn aisle.

Third rule: If you are stupid enough to mess with the crazy bitch that does rule 1 and 2. Be prepared .

Turns out space invader bitch coudln't take the "clearance heat" and walked off in a huff.


So I got my loot and decided that was it time to leave...

That's when I realized a couple of things.

One, they should make soundproof checkout lanes...for moms that have the psycho 2 year old that is screaming because she can't have the purse you just walked by.
And, two...I need a drink more than I have ever in my life needed a drink.

As I loaded school crap and toy loot onto the checkout belt, I then saw why baby girl was so quiet during our time in the school supply section.

I had approximately 97 dollars worth of post-it notes, 14 rulers, a mega pack of highlighters, and 3 protractors.

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Jess said...

Next time you go shopping, will you take me? I'm sure I can sneak way more in the cart. heeheehee