Wednesday, August 02, 2006

July 31
Two weeks !
Yep ! Two weeks and school is in !!! Yeaaaahhh !! Not that I'm like counting or anything...I just heard it was only two weeks is all.

School is in the air..which ,means that the girls have started playing school again. They are all teachers though, because God forbid one of them act superior to the others.

So as I sat on the floor taking an old computer tower apart...for shits and giggles...
I overheard bits and pieces of the "teacher conversations".

Which led me to believe that they must be teaching at the " Fine Art of Being Bitches and Divas School Of Omaha."

Jam who is "Mrs K." says " who said you could wear that lipgloss ? That is mine !"

Bana aka : "Miss A ." well you have on nail polish that I got in my Christmas stocking ! So if I have to take my lip gloss off you have to take the polish off !"

"Mrs. K." : We don't have any polish remover so I can't...but you can just wipe that lipgloss off !"

"Miss A." : I don't really care ! Scrape it off with a butter knife then ! And if you don't then I'm not taking mine off ! "

Toph who was not playing until then... mistakenly walks in at this time and says
" I wanna be Miss. B...but only if you guys stop fighting."

(Poor girl...they blindsided her ass like nothin' mattered.)

Mrs. K. " Oh yeah well we aren't fighting and if we were Mom would come in here and tell us to quit..."
Miss A. " Hey why are you wearing that ?!? Teachers do not wear tu-tu's you freak !"
Miss A. "This is my classroom and that is her classroom, so you have to use another room...and it can't be that one either because that's the gym."

Mrs. K "Ugh ! I don't know how you two expect to act like teachers when one of you is looking like a ballerina and the other is too worried about how her lips look !"

Miss A. "Well Jam you know that a teacher can be pretty and care about how her lips look ..and if YOU didn't care then why did you paint your nails !?!"

Miss B. finally got a chance to speak and said " you guys suck, and I'm telling Mom, and I'm not playing, and I hope all your kids in your class spit paper at you and tell their Moms that you hit them."


Jess said...

Hmmm, maybe I am lucky that I only have boys lol.

Dwayne said...

I love it! I don't look forward to the day some girl bosses mine around. I'll probalby end up in the principal's office more than I ever did.