Friday, July 28, 2006

Is it a guy thing ?

Ok when hubs doesn't get his "rocks" off within a certain period time...say 4 days. He starts doing this thing at night. Half the time he's quite aware of it, and the other half, I think his wanker just does it's own thing.

Well...beings that yesterday was "4th Day"...that means two's a fucking horndog, and two I will fear getting raped in my sleep all night.

So to head off this issue I tried something new. And, surrounded myself with pillows.

So when I start to wake for my 3:14 a.m. pee break...I hear him..he and someone/thing are gettin' it on like donkey kong.

He had the wrap around going and everything..on my poor innocent perky cotton pillow.
"Honey..uhm...wake up"....
"Ahem...*cough* honey ?"
"Dammit man ! Wake up ! You're dry humping a pillow !"

Yet after waking up ...he denies that he was trying to cross breed with a cotton/poly fill...somethings are just too hard to deny..but hey I won't tell anyone.

I can't imagine trying to do that ...but then again, I'm pretty good at telling the difference between a wanker..and a pillow...

Now that I think about it, the reality that he couldn't tell the difference between a pillow and my ass...says alot about the state of my ass right now.

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