Friday, June 30, 2006

June 30

twiddle your thumbs

Confucious say : Bean dip with mold growing is bad bean dip.

Jess say : Yes Confucious it is.

That bastard is wise.

I'm feeling friskyyyy.....meow meow meow meow...

No not the naughty kind..or the meow mix kind...just feel like I need to put on a wig and rob a liquor store or something.

*Ahem* I mean...maybe stop over at the dollar store and get some cheap toilet paper and plastic forks.

Sometimes after life's been mediocre for awhile...ya need some plastic forks is all.

Tomorrow we're going to see fireworks I guess...just a block away so we can see most of it from here...but the girls wanna see ALL of it.

Jay will be confined to the kennel for the duration of the 4th. JackAss had to go and eat 3 boxes of "snappers" and some smoke bombs and puke all over...I'm pretty sure that we own the dumbest fucking dog in the world.


-Stacey- said...

I dunno Doll... my dog still walks into glass doors. She's seven.

*hangs head in shame*

-Stacey- said...

happy canada day!!

k, i have to go get ready to spend the day drunk playing hockey.

wanna come hang with me today? hehe