Sunday, July 02, 2006

Went Shoppin'

I had to. It's been two weeks since I've shopped ! Two weeks !

I mean who can do that and stay sane ? It's just not right I tell ya.

Oh I did see some white trash bitch shoplifting too....well..for a bit , but it turns out that security did too.

So I watched her get busted too.

Ahh sweet justice.

Seriously ...if you can't afford to put a window in your car to replace that Hefty need to shoplift at Goodwill...or to make make yourself so obvious . Ok ?

I'm just sayin'.


So my major savings buys today were two pairs of shorts originally 35 dollars each..and one pair of jeans originally 54 dollars..all for 17 dollars....thank you thank you. *Bow*Bow*Curtsey*

I've been on a mad hunt for a great new purse...and still am. Nothing fabulous today.

But that's quite alright...there's always tomorrow.

1 comment:

-Stacey- said...

Wooo hooo on the deals!!

Next time you're shopping for bargains, I'm a size 5 please. AND I need a new bag/purse thing. Whatever you call it.


I need a personal shopper.