Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 18
And the beat goes on and on....
Can you seriously believe that there are only 7 damn days until Christmas ?!?! Oy ! Wait...that was a Jewish term and Hanukah is...nevermind.... you know what I mean.

The weather has been less than pleasant around these parts...I know I have stated this a million times but I HATE winter, what I hate more is the viruses that run rampant through our house during this time. But when it's too cold to go anywhere there is not much to do but share germs and bitch about it I suppose.

The girls are all very excited to the point of madness about next week, but yet for some reason Didda is more concerned about what we are doing for the 4th of July. She's let me know that we will be having a party and she will hold her baby brother for me when I decorate for it, and she is worried that Aunt Tawny might miss the fireworks. I even had to call Tawny and then reassure Didda that they will be here. She's started to ease off that subject, and is going back into " I want everything from Santa" mode.

In other news ...remember the neighbor lady that was the "constant lawn mower " ? Like 7 a.m. mowing and psychotic about the leaves and blah blah ? Anyway, I got a text from the ex-wife of the guy whose girlfriend that is that she died suddenly last week.

Oddly enough hubs and I and Darby (across the street) had only minutes before been saying that it was odd that they hadn't picked the leaves off their lawn....very odd for her. She died of a cancer that she had suffered from before and although she knew it was highly likely that it would come back, she neglected to go back for follow up appointments.

She went to the hospital on Tuesday complaining of severe stomach pain, got a CT scan that showed it had spread through her entire body, and her obituary was in the paper Thursday.

Not only that....the next night I walked into the bathroom where our blinds were up, I didn't turn the light on because I was just grabbing a tissue. I happened to see out of the corner of my eye that their dining room light was on. (It's easy to see because the back of our house faces the side of theirs the windows are pretty much adjacent.) I look over and see a woman standing in front of the window and as I try to not piss myself because I just saw a ghost....the guy walks in the dining room and wraps his arms around the ghost from behind and starts to kiss her neck. This was no ghost...this was a new woman already ! I still about pissed myself ! Two seconds later a little girl about Diddas age ran through the room...it was only then I was sure it wasn't a ghost because the other one had two older boys. So yeah I spied for a second I admit and not even shamefully.

Shame on him really. I mean damn, the body wasn't even cold yet ! I know it's obvious that he and this new one had a thing before all of this, it just seems so disrespectful to me though. So the new one has been over every night this week, she even came by while he was at work to let the dog out and check the mail.

I bet that he thinks that everyone in the neighborhood thinks that he and old one broke up since she just up and disappeared though, forgetting that I have a line to gossip to and from just about anywhere in the world.

Oh I never said it was good to gossip but, damn if the gossip is good just tell me and I'll spread the word for you ;)

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