Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September 19
Mmmm s'ghetti

We sat outside in the fall night air. Our neighbor came over and we all chatted for a bit. I mentioned that we'd heard his dog barking a few nights ago. No...I'm not the kind of person who bitches abut dogs barking. I mentioned it because out of the 3 years we've lived here we have heard this dog (Lexus a German Shepherd) bark maybe 3 times. (I didn't even believe they had a dog until we saw her through the open gate two years ago.)

Saying that sparked his memory and he told us why she was barking.

He went out early Saturday morning because his wife had said that Lexus was howling all night, and she was worried about her. He called to her and she never came around. He finally found her on the side of the house, struggling to walk. He said it was like her back end was paralyzed.

She whined when she saw him and laid back down. After he got over to her and got one of the outside light on he tried to examine her. She still couldn't stand so he put his hands on her haunches to try and help her. It was then he saw the problem. He grabbed her long fur and lifted it up and away from her skin. First he saw blood, then he saw maggots. Thousands of maggots. They took her to the vet and 1400.00, a complete shave down, approximately 1200 maggots, and 9 stitches later....she is home. Bald but, less any fly larva.

She'd gotten a cut from the kennel a few days earlier, and they didn't see the need to treat it I guess. The flies were quite happy about this lapse in judgement by the dog's owners and even happier that their new eggs would not only have a place to sleep but a place to eat as well. I guess what they say is true huh ? German shepherd meat is good eats ?

Ha. Yeah I know that's sick....but some days life is so.....just so that there is nothing to do but to tell the story of your neighbors dog and the maggots.


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