Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 09

I got an email from Timothy Schaffert saying that "the panelists were more than welcome to bring postcards, buttons, magnets, and any other promotional materials for your books and/or related projects."

Nice. I of course just canceled the blimp appearance with the saying "Who's Your Momma ?!" for fear that it would be too much, now he says I can bring shit !?!?

I think he threw in "related projects" because I am the only one there without a book or nine. I mean hey I'd write a book, but damn have you seen books ? They're like huge ! And all those pages. I dunno about that.

And, I have tons of buttons laying around but I mean who wants all my extra shirt buttons ? I don't get it.

Of course I have no idea once again what the hell I'm going to wear. You know how you want to appear "well dressed, smart, pretty, and approachable" when you do a thing like this. No outfit I have says all those things at once. And, yes I already tried all my outfits on together to see if it worked and it just looked like I had 13 outfits on.

Ok well hubs is home so that means I have to do the whole "wife" thing and "make him some dinner", but he also just volunteered to hold up giant signs with my blog address during my panel, oh wait, he just volunteered to streak naked and do the Arsenio Hall woot too. I just informed him that if he does I'll be introducing him as my ex-husband.

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Proto said...

ex-husband? that's funny. Could tear open those old buttons, and replace the innards with something you design, and snap them back shut. Could be creative...