Friday, September 07, 2007

September 04
Continued from "The Hoaster Coaster"

Hubs stayed with the older 3 while they did bumper cars and I took Didda over to drive cars that were her size. Walking...I mean waddling and front of me , two ladies , one pushing a stroller inside the stroller was a 4 year old child fat as her mom, drinking a (I kid you not) a baby bottle full of pepsi and eating a damned funnel cake.

Let me say that when I call a child fat, I mean fat, not chubba wubba baby fat, I mean the kid is in adult diapers at 1 year and has legs so fat that their little baby legs rub together and threaten to start a fire.

I start to sort of snicker for no reason really, well besides the obvious, when the one pushing the stroller looks off to the side.

I realize then that I recognize her. And, this my friends is no good recognization.

As my blood starts to boil, I think I'm handling myself quite well. Then Didda asks me why I'm trying to squeeze her fingers off and tells me it's not nice. Woopsy.

We take a small detour to avoid being behind them any longer and make our way to the little cars. Where, lo and behold, there she is again. Son. of. a. bitch. *Gritting teeth*

Breathe iiiinn. Breathe oooout.

(Only one word pops into my head right then. The "C" word. I don't even use that word, or like that word to be used. Which I believe is why it came up. It's something very very bad in my head and most people's, and she is #2 on the list of my "C" word people. Number one on that list is #1 for a damn good reason, and #2 is there because she helped #1).

This sucks.

I stand there wondering to myself if she knows that the only thing saving her from getting her ratty pimpled cellulite face ripped clean off is the fact that my 3 year old daughter is standing right here. For a split second, I pondered if it would really damage my little girl that much to see such a thing.

I wonder if she even sees me.

I wonder too if the cops would make it there before I was finished.

I suppose you are wondering who this woman is, and why I have such a serious, serious, problem with her. Uhm well, I can't tell ya.

Ha. I'm kidding. Of course I will tell you ! Just not today.

September 07
Paul Harvey says : And now...for the rest of the story

A long time ago in a land far way.......... (4 years ago and about 5 blocks over). I was pregnant. (Shocking I know), with Didda.

Hubs and I played volleyball weekly with a few people from his now former store, and had a great time. Well, beings that I was pregnant and unable to play anymore they had to find someone to take my spot. Little did I know at the time that the person that was chosen had intentions of taking my spot on the volleyball team, and more.

The woman was someone who I had never particularly liked per say, but I didn't hate her.

As soon as the volleyball started rumors began to fly around the store. She had told a few of the people I talked with daily some things that were, well, suspicious. She loved his eyes. She loved the way he could make people laugh. She loved that he was there alone every week.

This all on top of her saying in the same sentence that her and her husband were on the verge of a divorce.

I stayed mute on the subject to hubs for awhile, thinking that it was no big deal and really there is no denying how pretty his eyes really are. But, after weeks of this. I just couldn't take it any longer.

I calmly confronted my husband one night after he started talking about her and how she's having such a hard time, how she tells him everything, and asks him about everything in his life. He was dumbfounded that I could think such a horrible thing about her, that she was after my man. He said I was being silly, and dumb for listening to rumors.

Rumors that also included "C" word #2 from previously constantly saying "how cute they are together", and telling her to "go for it."

So then one night before volleyball. I decided that I'd tag along. Hubs on the other hand thought this was a bad idea, fearing that I would " make a scene." Ha. Making a scene was definitely part of the plan I tell ya. I didn't end up going, although he took the older two girls with him. I sat and waited patiently. And, I waited....not so patiently. An hour after it was time for them to be home, I was hot.

I just knew that they were all there together probably eating burgers and laughing. My two girl too, probably warming up to their soon to be step mommy.

I tried to call his phone and there was no answer.

They walked through the door soon after and I sent the girls to their rooms.

No words came out of my mouth at that point in time. Honestly I couldn't think straight.

Now I feel that I should tell you that when I am pregnant my body somehow taps into some strange super human strength capsule that I have hidden deep inside my uterus.

As hubs stood by the door still not even knowing what was going on. I picked up the lazy boy recliner, heaved it over my head and straight towards him, barely missing. Only barely because he stood there frozen not believing that a giant chair was sailing through the air at him, so it took him a second to respond.

After saying all the things I felt I needed to say. He acted like he hated me. He said he couldn't believe I couldn't trust him, and that he was only being a friend to her, and she would never do such a thing, and that she thought I was such a good person.

Weeks went by and only short snippets of conversation happened between him and I.

Then, one day, out of the clear blue. He came home from work, sat down across from me and said that it was now obvious that she wanted more than someone to talk to. She cried when he told her he could no longer be the friend she confided in, she said how much she hated me and how jealous she was of my life.

I never suspected that anything happened besides the talking really, I feared that it could. And, him not believing me and trusting what I was trying to tell him hurt more than anything. He did realize shit, finally, but just about when it was too late.

Soon after that store closed and there was a party at a local pub. I acted so excited to go and like my only reason for it was to say goodbye to the people who were being relocated. All the while, a relocation of someone else was on my mind.

Krissy's husband worked at that store too, he was one of the people who'd filled me in on other things.

Krissy and I , are a very good team when it comes to certain things. And, cornering a bitch in the bathroom is one of those things.

That my friends, is where the story that you hear ends. The rest of it, is all in here. <---Pointing at my head.

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Proto said...

Yup, that would qualify her for a `C' title. Glad you can now breathe, laugh, and live better.