Monday, August 27, 2007

The Hoaster Coaster

For well over a month now Didda has had an obsession with hoaster coasters aka: roller coasters, that and hopter copters...ok don't ask why she says those like that I have no idea she can talk all fine and good but sometimes she says things and we think they're funny and she keeps saying it like that.

Ok back to the story.

After many many days and nights of asking when she can go on a hoaster coaster, we told her yesterday that tomorrow she gets to go.

She was so ready ! She even put on her ballerina dress and asked if she could wear it to drive the coaster .

We had to park blocks away from the fair, and the child's feet never touched the ground between the truck and that ride. She floated the whole way.

Finally, it was her time.

Here she is ! Such a big girl and ready to ride !

It started to crawl and she got more and more excited, 5 feet, 10 feet, and away they went !

This is the first lap around !

Here she is on the last lap !

She gets off white as a sheet, wide eyed, and wobbly legged and I say " Didda was it fun !?!? Are you ready to go again !?!? "

"No Momma ! I want to go home and take a nap ! Take me home ! I don't like it here anymore , and I want to leave now !" *stomps her foot*

Well !

So if you want to piss her off just ask her if she's ready to go on the hoaster coaster again, seems to do the trick.

We did have a good time though, they big girls rode tons of rides and no one puked !

Heh. Well, for about 30 more minutes we had fun.


*Yawn* I'm wiped ! I'll tell ya the rest tomorrow.

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Proto said...

Fun without puke. You're raisin' them right!