Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24
The First of (hopefully) at Least Few Good Announcements !

It was confirmed last Saturday that for the second year I am invited to speak at the Omaha LitFest ! I was there last year and didn't say a whole lot about it beforehand, I mentioned it but, that was about it, this year, I am cordially inviting you to come !

It is September 14th and 15th, I'll be "appearing on the 15th", I'll be there the 14th too, but I'll be in disguise as to not get recognized and mobbed by fans ya know.

The panel I'm on this year is : The Devil in Miss Jones: The Panel about Women Writing on the Edge.

You can see my name on the list along with many other people who really are writers right here : Omaha LitFest Writers.

Other than that my week had been busy yet boring. Don't ask me how. I'm tired and bitchy, which I know is such a shocking statement coming from me !

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Le Lib said...

Good for you (and for them, it'll be cool)! Wow, you're a celebrity!
have a great weekend!