Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 16
Whew !

The girls started school Monday and the week has flown by ! Jam and Bana both require more work getting ready now than ever. You know hair has to be cute and acceptable, I don't fight them on it though, I mean no one wants to be the mom of one of the girls that has pony tail bumps leftover from two days ago or just washed it and didn't bother brushing it.

I also don't want to be the mom of one of the kids who eats glue, and if I find out one of the little shit's is eating glue I'll beat 'em, I tell ya.

Mimi is getting close to cutting her first tooth and the girl is almost Satan. And, if Satan was a momma's girl then she is Satan reborn. Every morning for the past week I've woke up in the morning and shoved my finger in her mouth to see if today is the day. Still nada. Dammit. Watch...I probably just cursed myself and she'll be teething for 27 months.

Hubs has only had one contact with "stalker" since the initial incident. They called him to talk about unemployment. From what we heard the person was transferred to another facility for a longer term sort of thing. Which is a very good thing considering they also asked during the last phone call if his full name was....well you know...and yes it is.

I've been better than I normally am with worrying about it. I keep an eye out and all but no panic attacks, until last night when one of our neighborhoods newest residents made a hell of a racket right below our bedroom window and about scared the piss out of me. Oh the new residents are raccoons by the way. Little bastards. Like the whole world doesn't know I hate critters ? So yeah it sent me right into a tizzy.

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