Thursday, August 09, 2007

August 09
So..I'm easily irritated , shut the hell up about it.

Yesterday there was yet another article that referred to the book I talked about the other day. This one though was about the so-called "Mommy Wars".

Ya know, Moms who seem to compete with each other over stupid shit. They hate each other because of how they "Mommy" , and how the other person doesn't "Mommy" the same way.

The thing about this is, maybe some Moms hate each other because of that reason.

But me ? The other Moms I hate, are because they're bitches, or stupid, or both.......really.

I would have hated them in middle school, and I would have tried to fight them in high school.

And, I still hate them.

I'll be the first to admit that 80% of the moms I hate I don't even know. Pfftt. You don't have to "know" them to know them. Know what I mean ? Maybe they still bathe their 11 year old, hell I don't really know or care to know. That'd make me hate them more, but really I don't give a shit how they mother, I just don't like them and I damn sure don't want to be their friend.

Maybe these articles are written by people who are on the outside looking in, maybe they live in glass houses and watch the world through rose colored glasses and blinders on only seeing what they want to see. Maybe in other parts of the country this Mommy War is a real issue. If it's that bad someone should call a summit on Mommy Wars or something.

It'd be great.

The "I think I'm too good for you Moms" would have to sit next to the "Moms with tattoos", and the " Moms who party" and they'd be all like "Oh.My.Gawd.Like.What. Do.I.Do.Becky?" And, Becky would say "Hey Beth I know you think you're above tattoos and drinking a beer but I have to tell you that my back is covered in tattoos, I went out to 4 bars with my husband last night and my kids ate cheetos and Dr. Pepper for dinner, now what bitch !?"

Then Beth would be like "*Sob*Sob* Oh my gawd Becky ! I have to tell you the truth ! I was always scared and intimidated by tattoos and beer drinkers, but now I see the truth . I was wrong and stupid !"

Then the "Tattoo Moms, Beer Moms, Crunchy Moms, I Thought I was Too Good For You Moms, Moms Who Work Outside of The Home, Stay-at-Home Moms, RockStar Moms, Richer than God Moms, Poorer Than Dirt Moms", would alllll get along .

The End.

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