Friday, June 01, 2007

The new light fixture I bought for the kitchen to replace the ceiling fan, is still on the dining room table. Why ? Because Hubs said he was gonna put it up yesterday, that's why. Which means, either I try and do it, or I wait until mid-July.

So I think I'll try my luck and see if I can do it.

It can't be that hard right ? I mean, there are like directions and shit with it ...I think.

The first step is getting all my tools together, so I need to find a screwdriver, a hammer, a helmet, a can of pringles, a bed sheet, the hacksaw, a dining room chair, and a pack of cigarettes.

Oh and a book that shows me what those silly little red and black wires do.

The hammer I won't use really, but the screwdriver will get lonely without him, they are always together. The hacksaw, well he's new to the group of only tools we own so we need him to be there too.

The pringles I'll eat while I stare at the ceiling fan convincing myself I can do this.

The helmet is for, duh, my head.

The bed sheet for the floor for when...I mean in case I drop the fan or light and it shatters everywhere.

Cigarettes for when I get down off the chair 19 times to go out and smoke while I call people for support.

Sooo.....wish me luck !

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Proto said...

...and another source of light, since there will be no power to this one whilst you are working on it.