Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 05
Oy my fingers

I have moved over one hundred and fifty bricks in the past two days, that on top of loading/unloading river rock, digging up flowers , and digging trenches for different bricks....has left me with fingers that look more like water balloons with fingernails than my real fingers.

The flowers I'm speaking of are some sort of lily...as in the sort that morphs and grows through the bricks you put on top of them and get stalks the size of tree trunks that you can't fucking dig up ! If anyone needs the sort of flowers that are indestructible to plant around your house lemme know...I have a shit ton of bulbs I dug up ! Just send me an email...and I'll mail them too ya.

So we have been talking about working in the back yard forever now, and decided to do most of it in river rocks and then add landscaping around it, getting the grassy area back in shape, blah blah blah.

The river rock we wanted is the bigger kind, 3-4 inch stuff, nice bold colors, and runs about 60 bucks a ton, plus 50 at a minimum for delivery.

But, guess whose neighbor works in landscaping and just happened to be digging up and removing over a ton of it last weekend at someone else's house ? Who...my neighbor..hahahahahahahaha. Know what that means ? I'm gonna tell ya ! It means that Sunday I had a bit over a ton of river rock delivered for FREE.

Alright, I'm done boasting.

I had to do that a little because I'm so flippin' sore that I have to convince myself that it's worth it !

The next two days will consist of packing, cleaning, making lists, checking them twice...ya know. We're leaving for vacation in a few days !

I was over at Bob's place and he was talking about crime and punishment, DNA specifically. It made me remember that I have a couple of stories about real crimes, two of them. One with punishment, one with none.

I got to thinking...how about soon we all do a "crime week" ? Stories about crime, or punishment that you are somehow connected to. It doesn't have to be personally...but maybe even a story that you've been told. You can re-tell it to us as you remember it . Or maybe the crime happened to you or was committed by you ?

Change the names if you want, change the town if you need too. Hell if you want to make the whole damn thing up !

We can set a day that we'll all publish our stories. I'll make a special section with links to stories.

Who's in ?

Lemme know what y'all think !


Proto said...

Wow, Congrats on the rock! And you have been posting awhile here, haven't you?

Proto said...

Hmm, already admitted to walking a cheque in a blog...
...maybe I can make one up.
Yeah, that's the ticket.

Just A Girl said...

sure why not...don't care about the date, as long as it's not a weekend.