Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28
Guess what I did today ?

Can't tell ya.

I can tell you that I used spraypaint, and no one in this damn house bothered to tell me that I had a gargantuan blue streak across my face before I ran to the store. Thanks guys.

And, I can tell you that my "funk" has turned into "Funkadelic". It's all good.

Didda came upstairs with me while her Dad and sisters watch a movie, a "scare me" movie, not a scary movie mind you. It's a scare me movie to Didda because she thinks that all movies that freak her out are made to frighten her and only her, hence "scare me" movie.

The big girls are all grounded to the house until Saturday night, alot to do with the W.T. girl down the street whose mother leaves on a whine and begs anyone to watch her kid, and if she can't find someone she just leaves her kid and doesn't tell her.

Yeah, nice. All this time I thought if we lived in this neighborhood people would take care of their kids. Just goes to show ya that just because they have a nice house doesn't mean they ain't trash.

Bana's hurt her ankle last night and has been a little gimpy ass all day. Miraculously though, when she thinks no one is looking she's fine.

So I told her earlier that "I'd go ahead and take her in to the doctor and they could give her a shot to deaden it and then x-ray it."

Somehow by some odd freak of nature, the words that came out of my mouth got all jumblefucked by the time they got to her ears. She runs off crying and screaming that I must hate her.

Uhm, what ? Only a caring Momma takes her baby to the doctor, right ?

Hm, well, I guess when you think your Mom said she was going to "take you to the doctor to shoot you until you die, and then take an x-ray", she doesn't seem so caring.

These kids don't understand why I think they never listen.


Just A Girl said...

Sounds like your summer break is going well....Kelly comes home for a week tonight...I'm sure by Saturday afternoon there will be squels of "Please can I go back to School!!!!"

Truck Driver Wife said...

Love the "project" Rocket man. Ya should sell it.

Just A Girl said...

Jess, meet blogger

Blogger, meet play nicely.