Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm gonna be buff...

It was supposed to rain at about 10 a.m. yesterday so my plan was to work outside until it rained. I washed the front porch off with the sprayer and a broom.

I cleaned the garage door windows, the wind started to blow and the sky grew dark.

I sprayed off some of the river rock to rid it of more caked on dirt.

The clouds passed, the wind died down, I sat down to take a break because obviously it wasn't gonna fucking rain !

Started outside again, like a dummy I start big projects and then halfway through I'm all like " Uhm I don't wanna do this anymore." *pout*

But, I'm almost done so on top of getting a big project done, my muscles are getting a good workout. I know that part for sure because when I get up every morning I feel like a crash test dummy.

I need to go buy some muscle shirts 'n shit.

Too bad my ass muscles aren't getting the workout my arms and legs are, but I mean how do you move landscape rock with your ass ? Don't answer that.

Of course, this project involves not only me, but my neighbor. The one who has an opinion about everything. It's starting to piss me off. I mean the guy is super nice, which used to make it okay, now though. Not so much.

Yesterday afternoon I'm out working and he gets home from works and yells across the street, " what in sam hell are you doing girl !?" He always says that I work too hard and blah blah blah, so this is nothing new.

I explained it all to him and before he started giving out unwanted advice I said " well ya know since I'm doing this, I'm going to finish it the way I see fit, the way I think it should be, and how I want to." He must've gotten the clue because he didn't even try to talk about it anymore, he just started rambling about his new grandbaby.

It did not however stop him from spying on me. I continued to work after he went inside, and 20 minutes later here he comes with an idea and an axe. *sigh*

Well ! I need to feed this screamin' MiMi, and then get ready to finish outside. My neighbor is at work until 5 so I got time !


Just A Girl said...

In my old neighborhood there was a lady that did that. Whatever you did in your yard, she had to be out there telling you how she would do it, how her way would be easier. Well you know what, grab your shovel and get to it. I'll go inside and watch soaps since you can do it better chick.

I am so happy we live in the sticks, alone, with no neighbors.

Just A Girl said...

ummm, hello in there?