Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm BaaaAAAaaaaack !

Well I was back yesterday, but I was also twice as tired then as before I left for vacation, so I was sleeeeeeping. ya been ? How's things ? What's new ?

Me ? I'm good, thanks.

We spent our vacation at Table Rock Lake in southern Missouri. We stayed in a condo, around 14 miles outside of Branson. Well "as the crow flies" we were about 4 miles, but Ozark Mountain Roads are are wonky and crooked and take you to hell half acre before you get to where you need to go...hence the 14 miles when you drive. So the condos were awesome. Brand spankin' new ! Thank God because I saw the so called cottages at the same resort....Oh. My. God. It was like a mobile home, cut in half, painted hot pink, with a window a/c hanging out the ass end. But yet it somehow can sleep like 27 people or something.

We spent a day doing the tourist-y stuff. The Titanic Museum is in Branson, which was very cool.

We hit a few craft villages....yeah like old little cottages all grouped together making it a village. It was cute, and reminded me of the shore outside of Seattle where they have all the little t-shirt shops.

Ahh....what else. Oh we spent a day hiking, going to the hatchery *yawn* , a day at the beach, actually not any beach...MoonShine Beach dammit ! And, day at the pool.

On the last day we went into The Inspirational Tower at Shepherd of the Hills, all glass elevator going up that thing is so not on the good idea list if ya ask me. 230 feet is really high. Oh bite me, I'm a chicken, laugh all you want I ain't mad at ya ...heeeyyyy. Oh damn now I have Norbit quotes stuck in my head ! Dammit !

Which brings me to the day before yesterday. We stayed at my sisters house and watched movies for a bit...Norbit. Ugh.

Well ! I am putting up new pics...all self explanatory or have stories under them. Tomorrow...I'm gonna tell you all about my not one, but two trips to the twilight zone grocery store in southern Missouri.

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