Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I woke up fat.

I woke up pregnant.

Yes I've been this way for about 15 weeks now.

But's there.

I had my last bible study with Cosmo today*wiping a tear*...and will transition slowly into bible study with take-out menus. *muffled sob*

I realized while folding laundry that was time to say good-bye to some old friends for awhile.

Goodbye my favorite low cut worn thin in the ass Levi jeans *sniff* ...

Goodbye my lovely super hot deal at the Buckle dark blue with the fabulous design on the back pocket denims. *sob*

Goodbye my ViGoss...fuck that ..I bought those bitches big they'll fit for a bit longer. *Put those in my drawer.*

Ohhhh look at you sweeter than honey halter style light lime green hot momma shirt....I'll keep you close to the front of the closet...*blow a kiss*

Ah..there you lucious denim my dear are staying with me ..if Britney can do it ...then fuck if I can't.

Look... I didn't marry my white trash back up dancer,I put my kids in car seats, and I know it's bad manners to snap my bubble yum on I'm wearing the goddamn skirt.

I open my closet door...and see the rest of them . Looking, waiting, begging to be the chosen one for today.

And, I decide I can't do this all in one day...saying goodbye is just too hard.


-Stacey- said...

Is there nothing else to do in Omaha but procreate? BAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Lemme guess, the hubs wanted 'one more try' for a boy? *wiggles eyebrows*

Was there still snow on the ground fifteen weeks ago?

Were you worried a cat wouldn't get along with J?

I know you dig RollerDerby - you starting your own team? =D
Hey, we combine our families together and we have ourselves a hockey team!!!

the amount of kids a couple has directly shows how horny they are...
for eachother. *bigass grin*

Kudos to you two. =)

In all seriousness, congratulations to you all. You're both fabulous commited parents and the new addition is a joy.

*mumbles*betteryouthanme ;)

hugs 'n molests the hottest pregnant woman ever.

Jess said...

I remember when I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite clothes... I'm still waiting to reunite with them. I feel your pain!!!