Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yesterday the girls came home from the neighbors house where they'd been playing for a bit.

Very unusual for them to play over there, their daughter is here ALL the time. She eats here,(we buy McDonalds, BK, Taco Bell never asking for money for it ) sleeps here, watches t.v. here, plays here, etc.

They had asked to eat over there, and after making sure it was ok with the mom and dad, I said that'd be ok.

They come home and the oldest two are very quiet.
"C" says "oh well the mom was talking about us."

"Saying what ?" I asked.

"Well all I heard was her saying all mean that she'd feed us this time and that was it. "

I sat there for a second to calm down, because I was pretty pissed. Then just told the girls that they couldn't go there to play for a week, and after that they will not eat over there, and she won't eat here. So don't bother asking.

Late this evening the doorbell rings, and it's the mom. I know her well, and I like her, so I thought she came over to chat .

Well..she wanted to know what was going on because as soon as her daughter came home she began crying saying that the girls couldn't play over because they heard "Mom and Dad talking about them." She got a bit snippy with me, which was shocking...And, proceeds to say that the conversation they were having was about the dogs , because they are kenneled while my kids are there. (Three HUGE german shepards)
Sooo....after a breath she says that if there was a problem the girls should of asked her.

Well shit.

First off, the girls are hardly ever there, so them confronting an adult about an overheard conversation is just a bad idea in my book.

Second, I lied. Before she got everything out I interrupted and lied.

Yep, I did. I said that they were in trouble for something unrelated and that I don't know where her daughter got that story.

I came in the house, and ripped these two a new one.
Why in the hell would they tell HER that ?!?

Then ! Oh and then ! They are pissed because the girl told her mom !

Whose kids are these ?!? Really...I have to teach them better.

Which I know damn well, is a contradiction in terms considering I JUST LIED .

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