Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It's HOT in Topeka !!!

Eeeet's HOT In Topeeeekkkaa !

I'm a hot toe picker !

Ok watching too damn much cartoon network and "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"...and going to Topeka when it was one-hundred and six fuckin' degrees....you can't not say that . It was HOT in Topeka Dammit !

It's hot here too, but it's not as much fun to say .

We went down yesterday morning, and came home this afternoon. Not much of a chance to do anything but drive in that amount of time . (3 hours there and 3 hours back...plus time to get gas, let teh dog go pee...blah blah blah...)

So not alot to report on that front.

Hubs came too. For the first time in about a year . And, he drove. Which makes me effin' nuts. I feel like I have to pay more attention to the road when he's driving than when I am .

Now that I think about it , I need to check the passenger side tires too. I'm willing to bet that the damn things are white because someone feels the need to drive on the white lines.
Hmmm and here all this time I thought they put them there for reference, as in...if you're driving on the white line you're too goddamn close to the edge ! Ugh..whatever .

Then of course the girls are in the back bitching "turn the air down Mom it's too cold ! " 3.4 seconds later..." Ugghhh Mom ! It's hot back here !"

"Mom make Jay sit down...please !?!?!?"

And, baby girl singing her new favorite song at the top of her lungs

"Up eeennn dooowwn ...up and down ..ooh..oooh...up eeeennn doooown...up down up down !"
"Momma up and down ! Momma say AEIOU !"

Who needs hooked on phonics, all you gotta do is set your toddler in front of the t.v. and they learn their vowels. But up and down, I dunno where that shit came from.

Somehow it's still only 6:39 and I feel like I'm up past my bedtime.

I want to take a shower, and stare at the computer, or the t.v., and I want no one to look at me, or do that thing they do when they move their mouths and make sounds come out that are directed at me...

Stick a fork in Momma she's all done.

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Jess said...

Potty mouth! I knew you cussed! lol. Sounds like you had a lovely trip. aeiouuuuuu aeiouuuuuuuu lol.