Friday, December 07, 2007

December 07

Bana : Jam, what is a virgin ?

Jam: Someone from Virginia I think...?

I just left that whole mess alone, which I know was probably a mistake as Banas will probably put that answer on a test sometime in the future.

I am done with my Christmas shopping finally, that was a mess all in itself. I'm glad it's over and I've only got about 4 things left to wrap, go me ! Everything would be wrapped already but after re-wrapping 5 things I got tired of doing it. MiMi thinks I wrap presents and put them under the tree to tempt her and nothing else. She's almost a year and has already picked up on how to be sneaky and not touch a damn thing until you leave the room. You walk back in and there she is hand full of paper and instead of acting like she's been naughty she puts the paper in front of her face and drops it to say "boo !" and smile. She's lucky she's cute is all I have to say.

Today is Poppy's 8th birthday and she chose to have me bake a cake instead of a store bought one, and her dinner choice is tacos. It all sounds good to me though ! Tacos and cake are both things that will have me up at around midnight throwing up, but there isn't a lot left that doesn't and at least it'll taste good the first time !

*Sigh* Ok so I'm off to the store for lettuce and tomato's, how in the hell can I shop for tacos and forget that shit !?!? Oh, I did remember to get toilet paper though, we have about 90 rolls now. I dunno.

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