Friday, August 03, 2007

August 02
Is It Bad ?
That I've been wasted on tequila for 4 days now ? Ha. No no no. Not that it didn't sound appealing I didn't even have one margarita. Blerf.

Not a lot to report over the past few days really. I took the girls shopping with the money they got for good grades from their Grandma. They spent very wisely.

I've always said my girls are the best. The most beautiful, the most intelligent, out of this world personalities.


When you realize that they have taken the my gift of clearance shopping and bought so much with a 20 spot that you'd think they were con artists just makes ya wanna cry.

It's true. My children are supremely perfect.

Oh and then, tonight I went to Walgreen's to get baby formula. The lady behind the cosmetics counter mentioned that she was throwing samples of a new product line in my bag I said " honey dump the whole tray in there free samples are like gold at my house."

I walked out of there with a bag of samples bigger than the bag that held the baby formula. Uhm, I didn't even know they had samples like that at Walgreen's !

She said most people don't and usually they only give them out if people ask.

So listen carefully, go there and ask to see all the sample trays and load up ! Tons of facewash, bodywash, and face masks, moisturizers, and I got so much anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream that I'm gonna look like a toddler when I die at the ripe old age of 149.

Ah well, it's nice outside so I think I'll go anchor my ass to a patio chair .

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