Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ughh...I am so sick some people .
Some people are so fucking immature...and it is wearing me down.
Waaa...I don't get comments....people think I'm mean...people are making fun of me...my Gawd.... just shut up ! Really...shut the fuck up !

Ha...maybe it's because you are so insanely stupid that you don't EVEN know that you are !
What cracks me up more than anything, is that you try your damndest to sound " highly intelligent" in your posts. BUT YET...you continue to mis-spell words !
Not typos mind you ....you spell them WRONG !

You rant about shit, that you're not educated on, but that doesn't stop you. You just keep on truckin' ! Then when people call you out......you hate them. Even when they are doing nothing more than question your source for information, or why your view is the way it is.
By the way....when your "source" is your brain......and nothing more than that. It does not COUNT as a "source".


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